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BuCVS-Meshed Service

Print-to-Multiport or completely meshed ...

National and international meshed satellite networks based on IP Technology are made available thanks to BuCVS-Meshed Service. Existing terrestrial networks can be extended by satellite and speech, data, fax, as well as video can be integrated without any problem. With the Point-to-Multipoint solution the branches can be connected to the hub (backbone). The Full Meshed solution is especially useful when a corporate concern owns a number of computer centers or when it is essential for branches to communicate with each other. Normally, in this case, an antenna is erected at the end user point to be connected, which can be anything from 1,80m, 2,40m up to 3.8m high. This enables complete and total independence from any terrestrial network infrastructure.



VoIP & analogue voice / Video conferencing  / IP Streaming / IP data, Internet / ERP and Office applications / Back-up and disaster Recovery / Air Traffic Application with radar and and VHF communication / GSM Backhaul (A-bis, A-ter) / Transportable and mobile applications


The BuCVS-Meshed Service is available in the following bandwidth:

  • 32 kbps up to 10 Mbps


The BuCVS-Connectivity Service guarantees the following conductivity quality:

  • Bit Error Rate (BER) functions at a maximum of 10-6
  • Availability is between 99% und 99,7% per year depending on the service level
  • The round-trip delay is ~ 600 ms
  • Monitoring of the connections
  • Hotline 24h*7days

Customfer Interface

The BuCVS-Meshed Service supports the following customer interfaces as standard:

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN / IEEE 802.3 / RJ-45
  • Serial Interface X.21 /RS 449 /V.35

All interfaces meet the standards required both mechanically and electrically of the CCITT Norms.

Voice Interface
  • Mechanical RJ45
  • Analog FXS, FXO, E&M
  • Digital S0 oder E1 (S2M)

If the customer wants to carry out alterations or changes to any appliances and devices connected with BuCVS-Meshed Service or even to change the configuration installed in the appliances, then BuCVS will work out a solution together with the customer. In this way, any alterations are guaranteed to be supported by BuCVS-Meshed Service.

Data Protocol

BuCVS offers the following communications protocol for the BuCVS-Meshed Service:

  • IP
  • Frame Relay switching with support of legacy protocols

Dynamic Routing / OSPF / Static Routing / Multicast / Load Balancing / TCP / TCP-Acceleration / UDP / IGMP / VoIP / QoS / Diffserv / Robust Header Compression / Platinum Dynamic QoS for VoIP and Live Video


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